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Our goal from the beginning was to keep the traditions and beside preserving them, continuously spreading the excellent quality of Hungarian goose meat and goose feathers all around the world.

We are proud that since 1989, when our company was founded, we are a family business. We consider it important that we provide the livelihood of hundreds of families through our work. The constant recognition of their work is very important to us, since without them we would not have been able to become a respected, decisive market player. As a result of this, we could avoid being transformed into a huge, impersonal big business.

Animal husbandry as well as feather processing and trading products generated by these processes are the core profiles of our company. Creating excellent quality is a commitment to us, which has always preferred rather then quantity. Our ambition makes us unique, and we believe that this is the key to the long-term progress and also the opportunity for our development. The result of our work is proved by the fact that the Japanese imperial family is resting its head in bedding made with the goose that we produce. The raw materials that come out of our company reach through many of our countries across Europe and overseas. We also strive to establish and maintain business relationships with like-minded partners in business.

We believe the world is sustainable with this attitude and can be maintained humane in the long run.


Secrets from the kitchen!

We can find recipes in each family that are inherited. Some of them are handwriting, written in yellowed paper pieces that was written by the great-grandmother many years ago. There are some, however, that go the round, and those that we make differently within the family. In such a case, it often happens that debate arises, who remembers the individual steps and components better. We want to share some of these secrets with you. We hope you take a liking for cooking, too!

Did you know that the goose’s meat is sweet, moderate in nature, and best when it is baked? Increases fitness. Folk medicine does not recommend it to elderly people and sufferers of Wind-type diseases. Its meat has a pain-relieving, diuretic effect. Anyone who is unable to digest meat in general will certainly grab the goose meat.

The perfect baked goose liver recipe

The essence of the perfect roast goose liver is to keep as little loss as possible of its texture. That means, we have to pay attention to keep the fat inside, Avoid over bake it. Goose liver has a relatively neutral taste, so the spices that are added give the character of our food. The silky, soft taste is given by salt, while pepper, paprika, thyme, rosemary and other spices make our food piquant. We recommend the fewer sometimes more principles for the less experienced cooks. So try the salt and pepper combination and if you get enough experience in baking, you should use more powerful spices.

We use the simplicity of an onionlayer to fry the goose liver on it in a baking sheet. It is easy for everyone to learn and make a success.

The onions are cut into pieces that are suitable for our taste, which has no importance. However, it is important not to be too small. Smaller heads are usually cut to four and larger ones are cut into several pieces. We place the whole goose liver on it and seal the foil. Bake in a 200 degree preheated oven for 25-30 minutes. The baking time depends on the size, height and quality of the liver. We can do this with a so-called needle test. We open the bag a bit and prick the liver, if it’s not bloody, then our liver is perfect. It is very important that we always use salt and spice later on. Whether fresh or cold, with a slice of toast it is an excellent appetizer or a main course.

Enjoy your meal!

Vegetable soup from goosegiblets

It is indisputable that in the family and in the circle of acquaintances, mother cooks the finest broth. The secret is very simple, but we believe that the added love-energy is an extraordinary ingredient.ben is anya főzi a legfinomabb húslevest. A titok nagyon egyszerű, de úgy véljük, hogy a hozzáadott szeretetenergia extra különleges hozzávaló.

Whatever the type of meat we make the base from, the following is the most important element: The meat is cooked in cold water and boiled over a large flame. Flush the boiled, foaming water and wash the meat. Then put the meat on a slow fire! It is important to cook on the lowest level. This is the secret by which our soup always stays clean and golden.

The other controversial element is how much vegetables to add. It’s a matter of taste. Some people love it with a lot of vegetables, others love it with a little. It is important not to overdo the amount of carrots because it sweetens the food. Add the spices and vegetables to the meat when the meat is half-cooked, about 60 to 80 minutes. This also depends on the type of meat.

– 1-2 thread turnips
-3 larger threads of carrots
– 1 half medium celery
– 1 bunch of parsley green, celery green (tied with a bunch of threads so we can easily remove it at the end)
– green or white peppers 1-1 piece, to taste
– 1 small piece of kale, to taste, can be omitted
– peppercorn 10-15 piece
– salt
– 1 kg of goosegiblets

We use the whole vegetables or cut them into larger pieces. It’s also a matter of taste. It is worth making a higher dose at a time. We can frozen and it can be an excellent ingredients for sauces and for vegetable dishes.

Enjoy your meal!

Cabbage stuffed with goose breast
Traditional stuffed cabbage made from pork is a Hungaricum. It is a traditional food. Because of the kind of meat it is not easy to digest. It’s mostly for winter, for the cold months. However, did you try to make all of this from goose breast? A much lighter, special taste food meal for your family and friends.

The process of preparation is similar to the traditional one. We only use goose breast instead of minced pork, which we chop with its skin. Some people don’t use rice for the traditional recipe. However, in case of the goose breast, this cannot be left out because the goose breast is essentially a drier meat.

Ingredients for 4 person:
– 500 gr small sour cabbage
– 6-8 leaves of pickled cabbage
– 1 whole boned goose breast with skin
– 200 grams of precooked brown rice
– salt, pepper, paprika
– 2 tablespoons of goose fat

AWash the sour cabbage well and let it soak in cold water overnight. Then squeeze it carefully but thoroughly. Cut the goose breast into small cubes, mixed with raw rice and seasoned to taste. Filled the prepared mixture into cabbages in equal proportions. We lower the bottom of a larger pan with goose fat, and then put the cut cabbage in the row, and the fillings above next to each other. If you want, you can put a little cabbage on the top of it, too and then pour it with so much water to cover it. Cook on medium heat. The cooking time also depends on the size of the fillings, but about 60-90 minutes.


Summer Festival in the Children’s Town!

The István Károlyi Children’s Center in Fót is organized a Summer Festival in June.

Green office, green business!

Paying attention to our environment and our health is not a gentleman’s passion, but an essential thing!



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