Bonus Agricultural and Trading Ltd.

Our country is located in the Carpathian basin, in Central Europe and it is a country with high standards of agriculture. The largest region of Hungary is the Great Hungarian Plain. Its beauty has inspired several writers and poets.

The second largest river of the country, Tisza flows here, and Hortobágy, the typical Hungarian Puszta can also be found here. The old Hungarian herd of cattle has also been pastured in this region. The nicest horses are kept here. The most famous inns can also be found here where the ill-famed highwayman, Sándor Rózsa used to turn up. The herdsmen cook the world-famous goulash here and the famous lace of Halas is also made here. Lonely sweep-pole wells can be seen in the light of the setting sun which is a beautiful sight that nowhere else in the world can be experienced.
There are such a lot of treasures, so many heritages that we could not even list them. The people living here preserve the past to be able to pass it on to the next generation. One of the traditions is the processing of poultry feather.

In the old households it would have been impossible to imagine the bedclothes to be made of anything but goose feather and Hungarian families have insisted on it for centuries. Everybody is aware of how important it is to spend the time of rest in a pleasant way. The bedclothes made of fine goose feather ensure balanced, comfortable sleep and rest.

Bonus Agricultural and Trading Ltd. has undertaken tasks in this traditional field of activity. At establishing the company our aim was to preserve the methods of processing high quality goose feather by making use of the latest technologies in order to produce goods adequate to the requirements of our days. High standard of professional expertness was needed which was ensured by the several decade activity of the founders in this field of trade. Both owners of the company had high posts at state-owned companies where they were dealing with processing poultry before establishing the company.
Goose husbandry has an important part in the activity of the company, we produce the basic materials necessary for industrial processing but we also rely on trustworthy domestic subcontractors. Keeping geese offers us not only the processing of goose feather but we also produce a special Hungarian product, the excellent quality Hungarian goose-flesh too.

The company was established as a family venture in 1990. First it was a deposit company but later we were transformed into a company limited in 1998. It is still a family venture where we prefer quality to quantity. The professional expectations concerning the employees are high but the owners appreciate their competence. It is essential at a company where each employee is aware of the importance of the common aims and the importance of quality job. It is a basic condition of manufacturing which is acknowledged internationally.

As for market connections, the most significant customers are in Western Europe and in Japan. We have a well operating direct contact with the customers, based on confidence. Representatives of these companies have paid business visits to our company but have also come to see us and the beauties of Hungary as friends.

The high requirements, the market competition need serious trial of strength, as well as continuous professional development and the improvement of technology too. In the past fifteen years our company has strived for increasing professional expertness, for enhancing our reputation and for capturing new markets for the excellent quality Hungarian goose feather.

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